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Top 10 of the Highest-Paid Jobs in Germany 2023 - 2024

Germany has always been distinguished by its universities and advanced curricula, and its name has stood out among the best countries in the world in education, teaching, and work. Its students are among the most successful in the world and the most fortunate to get suitable job opportunities in Germany or around the world. 

Germany is considered the best country to study and then work after graduation in various aspects such as education, living costs, and work. But, have you ever wondered, what are the highest-paid jobs in Germany Through this article we will get acquainted with the top 10 of them according to the statistics of Statista? 

Some advantages of studying at German universities

German universities actually have several advantages that qualify them to be the first choice on the list of universities that attract students from all over the world. We mention the main ones:

German universities always offer courses in English

About 150 out of 400 universities in Germany offer courses in English. It ranks second among European countries with the largest number of courses and diplomas in English, after the Netherlands. This feature is one of the most important advantages that attract international students who find it difficult to learn German.

German universities do not charge tuition fees.

Which encourages students to enroll in public universities in Germany as it is completely free. Although there is a possibility of charging administrative fees for international students, it will be very low compared to the high fees charged at universities in other countries around the world.

The low level of unemployment, especially among graduates

It can be said that finding a stable job after graduating from a German university is extremely not difficult. This is due to the strong education system that provides students with skills that refine their knowledge and enable them to start working immediately. And in fact, the unemployment rate of graduates is only 2.3%, which is the lowest unemployment rate on the continent of Europe.
These important advantages should prompt any student who wants to travel and continue his studies in Germany to start applying to German universities as soon as possible. But before that, it would be a good idea to get acquainted with the highest-paid and most sought-after graduate jobs in Germany, which may really help us determine our goal.

10 of the highest-paid jobs in Germany

According to research conducted by the marketing research company Statista, which was based on a comparison of salary data from 60 thousand of graduate employees with full-time jobs in Germany, the highest-paid jobs in Germany were ranked as follows:

1. Medicine and Dentistry

It is known that the medical and dental profession is one of the highest-paid jobs not only in Germany but everywhere. Nothing is more essential than human health and safety. Of course, it is primarily a humanitarian profession, however, doctors in general and dentists, in particular, can earn the highest amounts among various professions in Germany. The average annual salary of a doctor in Germany is about 79,538 euros.

2. Legal career

Germany is keen to maintain and constantly develop a strong justice system that represents the country as the fairest to its people and the application of fair laws.

Due to the difficulty of studying the field and the imposition of very difficult admission criteria for studying this profession, outstanding lawyers are highly paid for their great effort in studying and graduating, and for the importance of their presence with all people facing legal problems. 
The average annual salary of a lawyer in Germany is about 74.013 euros.

3. Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering contributes to improving the work of companies and organizations so that they can provide their services more efficiently, such as product development, and reducing the time required to complete the work. It is natural that all companies seek to hire the best engineers for what is in their interest and reputation, and therefore pay high wages for it. So Industrial Engineers receive from German companies an estimated 70,288 euros per year.

4. Engineering

Engineering ranks fourth among the highest-paid jobs in Germany and is considered one of the most difficult professions with its various branches. While the engineering profession takes a long time for the engineer in studying, and while working it, the engineer must be professional and meticulous in every detail, and he receives a special remuneration for this. The average annual salary of an engineer in Germany is about 69,850 euros.

5. Mathematics and computer science

The field of mathematics and complex arithmetic enters many other areas and prepares its specialists as one of the smartest people. Our dependence on computers in our current era has also increased the importance of computer science workers and our need for them to facilitate our use of computers in various aspects of life.

So, increasing the importance of these professions, the average annual salary of specialists in the field of Computer Science in Germany is estimated at 68.241 euros.

6. Natural Sciences

The field of Natural Sciences is considered one of the most important and accurate fields; physicists, chemists, and biologists strive to discover more about our world and synthesize and manufacture materials that we all require in our lives, such as medicines. For putting great effort into studying the laws of nature and working thoroughly, naturalists in Germany receive huge salaries of 66.954 euros per year.

7. Economy and trade

It is not surprising that the economy is one of the most significant areas in the economically strongest country in Europe. All large or small German companies and enterprises want to enhance their success and conduct their business. Therefore, she is looking for outstanding specialists with sharp intelligence to contribute to the development of her business and achievements.

Therefore, the field of Economics and trade is considered one of the best and highest-paid jobs in Germany and the salary of specialists in economics and Business Administration in Germany is about 65.404 euros per year.

8. Architecture engineering

Besides the importance of their work in designing safe and fortified buildings for the population, and planning the appropriate spaces for various structures, outstanding architects in Germany have the technical skills to create practical and creative building designs. Their work is not only to present a ready-made building for housing but also to beautify it. Which makes the architect in Germany receive an average annual salary estimated at about 55.822 euros. 

9. Psychology

As Germany cares about the physical health of individuals, it is based on attention to mental health, which is just as important. It is necessary to avoid the increasing mental problems of our time, such as mental stress, anxiety, and depression.

Therefore, we find many psychologists and psychiatrists who work hard to help people solve their psychological problems and maintain their mental health. That is why the salaries of psychiatrists are among the highest in Germany, as the salary of a psychiatrist in Germany is about 55.204 euros per year.

10. Fields of Earth Sciences

We come to the study of Geology and delve into the details of our planet Earth from its origin, climate, oceans, composition, and variability. Earth scientists are trying to study it and work on finding the best means to preserve and take care of our planet. This effort must be offset by high salaries, which can be estimated at around 53,713 euros per year.

Besides these professions, there are many jobs for which specialists earn high wages and secure a stable life in Germany. For example::

  • Political and Social Sciences in Germany: their average remuneration is 52.974 euros per year.
  • Teaching: the salary of teachers in Germany is about 50,000 euros per year.
  • Philosophy and Humanities in Germany: an annual salary of 47.022 euros is awarded.
  • Historical and Cultural Sciences in Germany: their remuneration is estimated at 46.836 euros per year.
  • Design: A designer's salary in Germany is about 46.075 euros per year.
  • Pedagogy: the salary is estimated at 45.116 euros.  

You must now be very excited to start your study journey at a German university, and we hope that our list of the highest-paid jobs has contributed to your choice and making the right decision.